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  1. Download the ipushpull Postman collectionand unzip the content.

  2. Import the ipushpull collection JSON file via File → Import, you should then see the collection in your list:

    Image RemovedImage Added
  3. Create an environment via File → New, select environment

    • Give the environment a name e.g. Sandbox

    • Add the following variables, note enter values under Current Value to keep sensitive data on your local PC only:


  1. Select either the non-structured page or structured page example

  2. Using the Example - Non-structured Page you will see the following:

    Image RemovedImage Added
  3. Click each item in order:

    • Authenticate

    • Create Test Folder

    • Create Non-structured Page

    • Push content to the page

    • Update content on page

    • Pull page content

    • Logout

  4. The page can also be viewed from within the Web application by selecting the TEST_FOLDER and opening the page.