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Released 22nd December 2021 (version 2021.12.3)

Admin console with all set-up and configuration of users and data now accessible from a single screen for easy access

Admin users can now manage users, folders, sub-organisations via a single interface as well as control which chatbots are delegated to each user. This new portal is also the home for page schema management, notifications as well as enterprise functionality and workflow tools. Access to this is user specific, so users may have access to notifications and page schema management but not user administration

For Enterprise customers - users can be grouped into sub-organisations to monitor activity on a per-team or per-client basis with an updated dashboard view

Enterprise clients can now manage access and track usage for each of their clients via an easy-to-use hierarchical display. The usage dashboard and the admin portal have been improved providing more granular analysis of how the system is being used (per user basis and per app) over a range of timescales for each organisation the user has access to.

Released 3rd December 2021 (version 2021.11.2)