Getting Started: Logging into ipushpull with the Excel add-in

Before you can share Excel workbook content to and from the ipushpull cloud, you must log in using your usual ipushpull username and password. This allows Excel to access your account and securely retrieve the folders and pages you have access to. This post will show you how to do it.

If you haven't already, install the ipushpull Excel add-in.


1. Select the ipushpull option from the main Excel Menu. This will display the ipushpull ribbon. Most of the features on the ribbon will be disabled until you log in.


2. Click the Login button on the left of the ribbon. This displays the ipushpull Login box.


3. Enter your ipushpull username (usually your email address) and password. Click Login.


That's it, all done! You can now access all the great features of ipushpull from within Excel.


Any Questions?

Do I have to log in to ipushpull every time I open Excel?

No. Simply select the Remember Me option on the login box and Excel will automatically log you in whenever it is opened.

This is perfectly secure, but you should not use this option on a public or shared computer.


If I use the Remember Me feature, will other users of my computer be able to access my ipushpull pages?

No. Your ipushpull login details are securely stored under your Windows login. As long as other users are not logging in to Windows with your username, they will not be able access your ipushpull account.


What should I do if I forget my password?

Simply click on the Forgot password link on the login box and you will be able to reset your password.

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