Data Source - Installing the Excel Add-in

Before you can use the ipushpull Excel add-in, you must download and install it. The installer will automatically integrate ipushpull with your desktop version of Excel. It only takes a few seconds and it will be ready for you to log in and use as soon as the installer is finished.

Please note you need to have registered and logged into ipushpull to gain access to the add-in.

 1. Login to the ipushpull web app and click Download Excel Add-In button in the bottom right corner of the screen or select it from the Profile menu as shown below:

2. Start the installer by double-clicking it in your browser, or open it directly from the download directory.

Please close Excel prior to starting the installation. If you don't close it you will have to restart it after installation.



3. Follow the on-screen instructions to accept the license agreement and choose the installation folder (it is recommended that you install in the default location).


4. Open Excel and you will see the new ipushpull ribbon on the main menu.

You're ready to go! For help with logging into ipushpull using the Excel add-in, see this post.

Excel - Run As Administrator 

To use ipushpull Excel Add-in in Run As Administrator mode, the following steps need to be applied.

  1. Download the file to the install folder(default location is C:\users\<Username>\appdata\local\ipushpull Excel Add-In).

  2. Close all open Excel instances

  3. Launch cmd.exe as Run As Administrator

  4. From the command prompt, change to the install folder and run: adxregistrator /uninstall=ipushpull.dll

  5. Then run: adxregistrator /install=ipushpull.dll /privileges=admin

  6. You should now be able to run the ipushpull Excel Add-in in Run As Administrator mode

Any Questions?

I closed Excel, but the installer tells me it is still running. Why?

  • Check that Excel isn't still open waiting for a file to be saved.

  • Using the task manager (right click on the Task Bar and choose Task Manager from the menu), check that Excel shut-down properly. If you see Excel in the list of running programs, right-click and choose End Task.

  • If you are using a multi-user version of Windows (e.g Windows Server 2008), ensure that you don't have Excel running under your login in a different session.


I'm still having problems installing the add-in. What can I do?