Display live data in a website from Excel

This article describes how to display live, updating data from a desktop Excel spreadsheet in a website without any HTML or coding required. See section 1 below for instructions.

You will need an ipushpull account, which is quick to set up. ipushpull lets you share live updating data between desktop Excel spreadsheets and publish it to the web. Follow this link for a free trial.

If you want every visitor to your website to be able to see your embedded ipushpull Page, you have to make it Public. Otherwise, the message "You don't have access to this page" will be displayed to your visitors. This article explains how to make a Page Public.

Any problems? See the Troubleshooting section.


Embedding Live Pages in a website

1. You can embed ipushpull pages using an EMBED CODE. We generate the code you need automatically. To get it, open your page in the ipushpull Web App and select the SOCIAL option from the PAGE menu.


2. A side bar will display the code options for a direct link share, a Symphony cashtag, site embed code, WordPress shortcode and further embed options:


3. Copy and paste this HTML into your website code.




"You don't have access to this page" Error

If you see the following message instead of your data:

It means that the Page is not Public, so visitors to your website will have to log in first before they can see the data. If you want anyone to be able see the data, make the Page Public. Note that if you are logged into ipushpull when you are testing the embedded Page you will be able to see the data! You should log out of ipushpull first if you want to view the page as your site visitors will view it.


"Requested page was not found" Error

If you see the following message instead of your data:

It means that the Page does not exist - check the Page and Folder names and try again.