Sending Page Content Notifications into chat

This article explains how you can send your data into Microsoft Teams, Slack or Symphony chat every time it updates. You can either send the full page content, a single-line notification, or the output of a page view or query (coming soon) on each update.

Create your destination

Your notification destination is where you’d like your notifications to be sent to. Page content notifications can be sent to Teams, Slack or Symphony chat. If you haven’t already created a destination, you can do so using the ipushpull web app here.

Find your page

In the ipushpull web app, go to the page whose data you’d like to push to your notification and select Page|Notifications

Configure your destination and notification contents

Choose your Destination from the dropdown, then configure what to send when the page updates. You can choose to:

  • Include Content: send the entire page or a maximum number of rows/columns

  • Include Link: include a link to the page in the ipushpull webapp in the notification

If you uncheck both boxes a single line notification will be sent to the destination saying that the page has been updated.

Test the notification

Each time the page is updated, a notification will be sent to your destination.

In Teams

In Slack


Pro tip: You can set up multiple notifications from a page and send different content to multiple destinations each time it updates