Install the WordPress Plugin and Display live data From Excel

This article describes how to display live, updating data from a desktop Excel spreadsheet in a website without any HTML or coding required. See section 1 below for instructions.

You will need an ipushpull account, which is quick to set up. ipushpull lets you share live updating data between desktop Excel spreadsheets and publish it to the web. Follow this link for a free trial.

Embedding Live Pages in WordPress Sites and Blogs

The ipushpull WordPress plugin lets you embed ipushpull pages in your site.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to connect Live and Streaming data to Wordpress:

To Embed live pages in WordPress Step-by-step

1. Install the ipushpull plugin for WordPress, see this page for more information

2. Push your data to an ipushpull page via Excel using this simple tutorial:

3. Edit the WordPress page you would like to display your Live and Streaming data in

4. Click on the ipushpull button in the WordPress page toolbar

5. Select the ipushpull page you want displayed with the “Folder Name” and “Page Name” dropdowns in the ipushpull Shortcode Generator. You can then adjust the height and width to best fit your data and customise the rest of the features such as the update interval and the embedded page toolbar options

6. Click Insert Shortcode to finish

When you publish the page, your excel data will now appear on your website. From now on, every time you push an update from excel to ipushpull your WordPress page will update automatically.

If you want every visitor to your website to be able to see your embedded ipushpull Page without having an ipushpull account, you have to make your ipushpull page Public. 

If not they will see "You don't have access to this page" displayed. 

This article explains how to make a Page Public

For further details, visit the ipushpull Page in the WordPress plugin directory. 

To see an example, visit our own WordPress blog

"Requested page was not found" Error

If you see the message "Requested page was not found", it means that the Page can not be found - check the Page and Folder names are correctly specified and try again.

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