Restrict access to public pages embedded in your website

If you want to restrict access to ipushpull pages embedded in your website, you can either:

Each of these options requires the user to enter login details or a password to gain access to the page contents. We also support a third option: Restricted Pages. These have unguessable URLs and can only be embedded in the website domains that you specify, so they cannot be shared without your permission.

Using Unguessable URLs

1. About ipushpull URLs

Typically, ipushpull pages are embedded using convenient and easy-to-write URLs and shortcodes like this:

[ipushpull_page page="DemoPortfolio" folder="LiveDemoPages"]

However, if you want the address for your page to be unguessable, we also support addresses like this:

[ipushpull_page uuid="949am8hqQ7fyFzdXpDp3nh"]

The long alphanumeric sequence is called a 'UUID' and is unique for each ipushpull page.


2. Switching to Unguessable URLs

To configure a page so that it can only be embedded using its UUID:

1. Go to the Page drop down in the page toolbar

2. Then Access to open the access options for the page


3. In User Access under the Settings tab untick the Public box and tick the Public Access by UUID Only box then Update


3. Generating your new URLs in the ipushpull web app

Now when you click on the Share option, the new UUID-based WP shortcode and URLs will be displayed (the regular page name and page ID based URLs will no longer work if the user is not logged in):


4. Generating your new URLs in the ipushpull WordPress plugin

If you are using our WordPress plugin to generate the shortcodes, it will generate UUID-based shortcodes after you have changed the page setting.

Please note that changing this setting will not automatically update any existing WordPress shortcodes in your website - you will have to update them. We have developed a tool to simplify this process. Access it by selecting iPushPull Maintenance from the iPushPull entry in the WP dashboard sidebar:

This lists all the embedded ipushpull pages in your website. Click the Use UUID button to switch the shortcode to a UUID-based address. Click Use Page/Folder to switch it back.


Restricting the Web Domains your Pages can be Embedded in

Once you have converted your URLs to use UUIDs, you can add a further level of protection by restricting the domains they can be embedded in. Once this has been set up it will not be possible to embed the pages in other sites or share them outside of your website.

Please contact with the details of the domains you want to use and we will configure this for you.