Excel: Push a Live Chart

In this article you will learn how to Push a live updating chart to your ipushpull page.

Please note that charts and data cannot be Pushed to the same page - they have to be pushed to separate pages.

1. First create your chart in Excel. Once you are happy with it, click the chart to select it. It should be highlighted like this:


2. Then under the Push menu click Live to share your chart.


3. In the window that opens select the ipushpull folder and page that you are pushing the live chart to, or create a new page.


4. The Manage Shares window will open, which lets you edit your live chart settings. Click close when you are done.


5. The chart will update every 10 seconds on your ipushpull page, but only if the data has changed. You can view the active chart through the ipushpull Web App and other integrations or embed it in your own site. 

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