Publish Excel data's formatting and styles to the web

Cell Formatting

ipushpull pushes data, formatting and styles, letting you create custom web pages directly from your desktop applications.

Our push functions capture the following style and formatting information from your Excel ranges and push it to the web:

  • number, currency and date formats

  • font

  • font size

  • font weight (e.g. bold, italic)

  • font colour

  • cell background colour

  • cell width and height

  • cell border style, weight and colour

  • text alignment - horizontal and vertical

Note that, by default, the Manual Push function captures these styles more faithfully than the ipush(…) in-cell function. We have designed this for maximum performance which reduces the range and accuracy of the styles it supports.

To turn on full colour support for the ipush(...) function please see this article.


Conditional Formatting: Black and Red numbers for positive and negative

ipushpull supports number formats which colour positive numbers black, negative numbers red. Right click on the cell you wish to apply this formatting to, select Format Cells then select Number to choose the format you require:


Full Excel Conditional Formatting

ipushpull supports Excel conditional formatting - for full details please see this article.


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