Excel: A Managed Push

A Managed Push is a pre-defined Manual Push that can be activated on demand with a single click. A Managed Push can be viewed, edited and activated through the Manage dialog. You also have several other options such as being able to update all active Managed Pushes at the same time and view exactly where that range is located within your spreadsheet.

In order to Push some content, make sure you are logged in to ipushpull.


1. Highlight the range of cells you would like to Push to an ipushpull page


2. On the ipushpull ribbon, find the Push button and click the arrow to view the dropdown with extra options


3. Select Managed and choose the folder and page you would like to Push your range to

Tip: If you have a lot of ipushpull pages, you can filter the list using the filter box at the top of the dialog.

Tip: You can double-click a page to open it on the web view the current content before Pushing. 


4. The ipushpull page is updated with your data content and this will also appear across all the integrations that page is connected to. You can now control how and when the page updates, within the Manage window.

Your customers or colleagues can immediately access shared data on the web, mobile or in their own Excel spreadsheets.