Right Data

Connect your data to ipushpull and organise into pages and views for your team or clients.

Upload into ipushpull

Data is sourced from Excel (using the ipushpull Excel add-in), databases (using the ipushpull Data Loader) or via API. For more information check out here. Via these mechanisms you can push data into ipushpull as you wish, perhaps triggered off a calculation in an Excel spreadsheet, or a daily stored procedure from a database


Organise your data into pages and views

In ipushpull data is organised in grids of data which are either page (like ranges in a spreadsheet comprising rows and columns) or structured pages (which are similar to tables in a database), which are stored in folders. For structured pages, you define a schema which states what type of data each column is, its name and how to display it (for example data formats, or the whether a currency field should include commas and be rounded to the nearest whole number).

Once that is set up you can then define views which define how the data is made available via the webapp or chatbots. Views can include mapping rules and parameters to help answer data specific questions. While we are updating our documentation please contact us here to find out more