Right Time

Configure when your team or clients get updates with live data views or alerts and on-demand requests.

ipushpull lets you define different ways to deliver your data to clients:

  • View live and streaming data – data is pushed in real-time to users in their application, perhaps WordPress or an embedded app in a workflow platform such as Symphony or Teams.

  • Pull data on demand into chat – data is provided in response to chatbot queries which are serviced by views you have created, perhaps taking parameters to tailor the response

  • Send data-driven notifications to chat, SMS and email - data updates are pushed to users via email, SMS or chat notifications when there has been an update (perhaps a new row has been added to a table, or a price has changed

  • Custom applications

All of these services work for pages and structured pages, but the more advanced data-on-demand queries require structured pages to be in place.