Enterprise Manage Folder Roles

An Organisation Admin can delegate folder-level responsibilities to other users using the Folder Access Management screen in the Admin Console.

The Org Admin can grant the following folder-level roles to users:

  • FA - Folder Administrator

  • PA - Page Administrator

  • RW - Read/Write Access to some or all of the pages in the folder

  • RO - Read Only Access to some or all of the pages in the folder

See this guide for full details of each role.


Using the Folder Access Management screen

In the Admin Console, select Folder Access Management from the left hand menu. This displays a matrix with Users listed vertically down the left and Folders listed horizontally across the top. If you have a large number of users or folders you can filter them using the filter boxes.

A User's role in a particular Folder is shown where the User row meets the Folder column:

The colours and abbreviations indicate the access level. A diagonally striped cell indicates that the user has not yet accepted this role (see below). 

In this example:


How do I grant a Folder role to a User?

Find the cell at the intersection of the User row and the Folder column. The filter fields simplify this when you have a lot of folders. Click on the cell to display the list of options:

Select the role you want to grant to the user from the options in the dropdown. The cell will change colour to match their new role. The cell with be diagonally striped until the user accepts the new role.


How do I cancel an Folder role invitation?

If you have granted a role to a user and they have not yet accepted it, you can cancel the invitation by clicking the cell and selecting Cancel Invitation from the dropdown menu.


How do I temporarily suspend a User's access to a Folder?

If you have granted a role to a user and they have accepted it, you can suspend their access by clicking the cell and selecting Suspend.

Suspended access rights are signified by dark horizontal lines through the cell:

Note that a suspension is reversible - it does not delete the user's access rights, it just suspends their access until they are re-enabled or permanently deleted (see below).


How do I permanently remove a User's access to a Folder?

Once you have suspended a User's access to a Folder, you can permanently delete their access by clicking the cell again and choosing Remove from the dropdown menu. Caution: this change is irreversible.