FAQs and Troubleshooting

ipushpull lets you securely share with your colleagues, customers and collaborators via our live data pages and PDF pages. Live data or PDF content can be pushed and pulled to and from your ipushpull pages via our desktop and mobile web-clients, or from desktop applications such as MS Excel.   

When you sign up for ipushpull you get your own folder and some default pages.  From our desktop or mobile web-clients you can create new pages or manage and delete your current pages. New pages can be created blank or with content from one of our templates. 

Our access and permission features give you full control over who can accesses your pages and our monitoring and reporting tools give you full audit and transparency on usage. To share your pages with other users, you first have to invite them to your folderOnce they have accepted your invitation, you can grant them access to your pages. You can let them have read access, write access or no access to each page in your folder.

Excel / Data pages

You can update your live data pages directly using our web clients or alternatively our Microsoft Excel Add-In lets you push data to your pages or pull data from them automatically. The add-in pushes the values, formatting and styles from the user-defined areas of your spreadsheet. You can then share your ipushpull Live Data pages with other people so they can access the data on desktop or mobile device via our web-clients or by pulling the actual data live into their own desktop spreadsheet.

Web and Embedding

Once you have created your live data pages you can present them within your own or in any WordPress sites by simply copying the 'embed' code from our page share function on our webpages. And if you make it a Public Page your audience will be able to view the data without even logging in to ipushpull.

Now that you've created your pages and given your colleagues and clients access to them, what will you use ipushpull for?

Within your folder there are a few page types that have different functions on the ipushpull platform. Some can be created and others are given as standard for usage monitoring. All pages are hosted within the cloud service, unless otherwise specified.

Page Formats

Data pages

Data pages are created with a grid format to host information that you push or paste to the ipushpull platform (web app). You can then Pull or embed these pages into other applications like WordPress, Slack, Symphony and Excel. 

PDF Pages

Upload a PDF page, choose a URL link or choose a page from existing uploads. Once shared with the ipushpull platform, PDF pages can not be downloaded or shared without your permission. Pages can also be embedded in a website. 

Alerts Page

This page is used to monitor email and SMS alerts that have been set up from your data. Alerts pages are set up as standard in all folders.

Step-by-step: Sending Email Alerts from your MS Excel spreadsheet

In-depth: How to send Email and SMS Alerts from your MS Excel Spreadsheet

Folder and Page monitoring

Folder Usage, Folder Page Audit and Live Page Usage are all part of the folder and page monitoring features, giving you the ability to view who has been using/viewing and making changes to your folder and pages.

Private and Public pages

Private Pages

All new pages are set up as Private on creation. Private pages are secure and end to end encrypted, keeping your data safe on the platform.

Public Pages

Choose to make a page Public from page settings in order to share it as a URL, embed it in a WordPress site or a website. Public pages can be shared by other people once the URL is available. 

You can also hide the URL of a Public page with the Public Access by UUID only setting, making a public page URL unguessable.

How to make an ipushpull Page Public so it can be shared or embedded

However, to totally secure your information, please use private pages.

Encryption in Transit

ipushpull encrypts your data between your client (Excel, web browser, mobile app) and our servers, so it cannot be intercepted on the way.

Encryption at Rest

Your data is encrypted on our servers so it cannot be accessed without your permission.

Client Side Encryption

Our optional client side encryption will automatically encrypt your data before it is sent to ipushpull and decrypt it when your colleague or client receives it at the other end. So it's impossible for anyone in between to access it.

Please see our Security Overview for more details.

ipushpull is quick and easy to set up. You don't need any technical skills and you can start a no obligation free trial any time.

One you've signed up, download our Excel add-in and get started!

If you do need any help, please contact us at support@ipushpull.com

Yes, and you can update them remotely, too.

ipushpull works on all mobile phones and tablets.

Your ipushpull pages update live, so wherever you are you can always see the latest data.

Our web app gives you the same set of functionality as our desktop website. So you can create pages, manage user access to them and update them while you're on the go.

You can also access your ipushpull data via SMS when you don't have web access.

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