Create a Microsoft Teams Incoming Webhook

This article explains how to create a Teams Webhook to use as a Notifications Destination.

1. Choose your channel

Open Teams. Click the Teams icon on the left of the screen, select a Team then choose the channel you would like to send your notification into. Click on the ellipsis/three dots symbol to the right of the channel name and select Connectors as shown above.

Please note Connectors are only available on Teams Channels and not Chat Channels.

2. Find the “Incoming Webhook” connector

Find Incoming Webhook in the list of Connectors then click Add or Configure (depending on whether the app has already been enabled in your Teams environment).

3. Add Incoming Webhook to your channel

If you pressed Configure in the previous screen please go to step 4.

Otherwise, if this is the first time Incoming Webhook app has been configured you will see a screen asking you to confirm that you want to Add the app. Click the Add button.

4. Configure your webhook

Enter a name and (optionally) upload an image. These will be displayed with any notification published to the channel to help you identify where it came from.

5. Create the webhook

When you have supplied a name (and icon) please click Create

6. Copy the Webhook URL and paste into ipushpull

Teams will generate a unique URL for your channel. Click the copy button to copy it then paste it into the Webhook URL field back in ipushpull.


Next Step:

Step 3. Setup your user logins