Create a Slack Incoming Webhook

This article explains how to create a Slack Webhook to use as a Notifications Destination.

1. Find the Incoming WebHooks App

First, launch the Slack App Directory.

If you’re in the Slack App, click on the Plus icon to the right of the Apps dropdown and search for Incoming WebHooks. Click the Add button to add the app.

If you’re using Slack on the web, the App Directory can be found at https://{your-workspace-name} Enter Incoming WebHooks in the search bar and select the app.



2. Add the Incoming WebHooks App to Slack

Click Add to Slack.

3. Choose the target channel

Choose the channel you want to send your notifications to - in this example we used #notifications-test. Click Add Incoming WebHooks Integration to create the incoming webhook.

4. Copy the Webhook URL and paste into ipushpull

Copy the highlighted URL then go back to ipushpull and paste into your Notifications Destination.

Note you can customise the name and icon for the Incoming WebHook to make it easier to identify messages sent from ipushpull to your channel. Check the Integrations Settings section in Slack for more information.

Next Step:

Step 3. Setup your user logins