Pull Live & Streaming Data into Microsoft Teams

1. Add the ipushpull Microsoft Teams App

If you or your Teams admin have already added the app, skip this step and go to straight to 2. Login

If not, launch MS Teams and click the Apps button:

Search for ipushpull using the app search box then select the ipushpull App:

Click the Add button to install the app:

2. Login to the tab

Once installed, the App creates an ipushpull personal chatroom and an ipushpull tab. You can view live and streaming data in the tab.

To login, select the ipushpull tab at the top of the Teams app and click the LOG IN button.

In the popup window, log in using your email address and password.

3. Find your page

If you haven’t set a default page for this tab, click the Open Page menu to display your list of folders and pages:

4. Select your Page from the list

Open your page by selecting it from the list. Note you can filter your pages by entering a search term in the Open Page field.

5. View your Page

And your live data page will be displayed in Microsoft Teams:

See this page to find out more about the tab app.

You can also use the ipushpull app in other Teams chats and channels. See this page to learn more.

You can also use the ipushpull Teams bot to pull data into chats and channels on demand. See this page to learn more.


Next Step:

Step 3. Set up your user logins