Using the ipushpull Microsoft Teams Bot

The ipushpull Microsoft Teams bot lets you pull snapshots of your data into Teams chats and channels (to view live and streaming data in Teams use the ipushpull tab app).

This article explains how to use the ipushpull chat bot in your 'personal app' - your private ipushpull workspace inside Teams. You can also also add the bot to other Teams chats and channels - see this page for more details.

What can I do with the bot?

The ipushpull Teams bot lets you:

  • pull snapshots of data into the chat

  • search for pages

  • ask for help

  • login and logout of ipushpull

Coming soon: set up aliases to pull views of your data into the chat and push data back. Get in touch for a preview.

Pulling your default page into the chat

If you have configured a default page, you can pull it into the chat by simply entering the pull command:

Pulling any page into the chat

To pull any other page into the chat, enter its folder and page name in this format:

folder=MyFolder page=MyPage

Pro tip: if your page name is unique, you don’t have to mention the folder name in your request

Searching for pages

If you can’t remember the name of your page, use the search command with an optional search term. This will return a dropdown list of all the pages you have access to that match the term. Select the page you want and click the Pull button to view in the chat.

If you don’t enter a search term then search will return a list of all the pages you have access to.

Logging in

You must authenticate the bot with ipushpull to access your data in Teams. Enter the login command to do this, then follow the instructions.

Logging out

If you want to de-authenticate the bot, enter the logout command.


Type help for more info about each command:


FAQs, Hints and Tips

Why has my data been truncated?

Teams imposes a message limit that means the bot sometimes can’t return all your data into the chat. If this happens the bot will display a message with a link you can click to view the complete results in the ipushpull web app.

Pinning ipushpull to the left hand toolbar

You can pin your ipushpull personal app to the left hand toolbar for quick access. Right-click on the app and select Pin to do this.

Pinning ipushpull to the top of your chats

You can also pin your chat with ipushpull to the top of your list of chats. Right click on the chat and select Pin.


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