Release History

The table below shows recent enhancements to our service. To update to the latest version click on the green arrow on the bottom-left when logged in to the ipushpull web app. If there is no update icon you are using the latest version

To find the version you are currently using, go to or select Profile and then Profile and Preferences in the bottom-left of the screen.



Released 22nd December 2021 (version 2021.12.3)

Admin console with all set-up and configuration of users and data now accessible from a single screen for easy access

Admin users can now manage users, folders, sub-organisations via a single interface as well as control which chatbots are delegated to each user. This new portal is also the home for page schema management, notifications as well as enterprise functionality and workflow tools. Access to this is user specific, so users may have access to notifications and page schema management but not user administration

For Enterprise customers - users can be grouped into sub-organisations to monitor activity on a per-team or per-client basis with an updated dashboard view

Enterprise clients can now manage access and track usage for each of their clients via an easy-to-use hierarchical display. The usage dashboard and the admin portal have been improved providing more granular analysis of how the system is being used (per user basis and per app) over a range of timescales for each organisation the user has access to.

Released 3rd December 2021 (version 2021.11.2)


Web Applications: 2021.11.2

Extended workspace configuration allowing workspaces to be managed and shared for clients

We have been really pleased by the response from our premium and enterprise clients to this new functionality, and have extended it so that workspaces can be created and managed for end-users, and organisation admins can see the user experience that their users will have via both desktop and mobile.

Improvements to mobile device support

Lots of clients use ipushpull on mobile devices so we have worked to ensure the UI is effective and usable on both mobile and desktop devices

Consolidated menus to aid user interaction

Some of the menus have been tidied up and consolidated to ensure relevant functionality is available in one place.

Released 15th October 2021 (version 2021.10.4)


Web Service: 2021.10.2

Web Applications: 2021.10.4

Improved and extended workspace configuration and sharing for desktop and mobile display

For our premium and enterprise tiers, we are really excited about the latest workspace functionality which lets you view multiple ipushpull pages and other web apps within a single browser window. To maximise screen usage you can split frames horizontally and vertically and fill each one with data as you need, as well as automate linkage between them to integrate with your workflow. It works for both desktop and mobile, providing a customised user experience for you and your clients to work with your data. As part of this upgrade, you can also now share workspaces, either across the whole organisation or for specific users. Please contact us if you would like to have a demonstration of this functionality.

Teams app is now available in both the Teams App Store and the Microsoft App Store (supporting chatbots, live display and notifications)

You can now access the ipushpull Teams app via the App Store to view data as you would via the web app, but also to interact via chatbots. The chatbot functionality is identical to the previously released Slack support, but the Teams app takes advantage of the display capability within Teams to provide users with a fully immersed real-time data display. The user credentials and access rights are consistent across display platforms.

Support for notifications via WhatsApp

We have extended our notifications capability to work on WhatsApp. This means you can be alerted on particular data changes within the WhatsApp ecosystem. Please contact us at if you are interested in seeing this in action.

Released 13th August 2021 (version 2021.8.2)


Web Service: 2021.8.1

Web Applications: 2021.8.2


Dashboard and wizard enhancements

ipushpull administrators now have new dashboard/home screen more historic push and pull analytics for data sources, clients applications and end user interactions, available across different time frames.

We’ve also made further improvements to our wizards for our services with links to help articles to make it even easier to connect your data ipushpull and configure access for end users and different applications.

Partial page and view notifications

You can still send pushed notifications by sending them to ipushpull and we’ll forward on to your pre-defined destinations and distribution lists. You also configure auto notifications so when page updates we will send out alerts with a whole, or a pre-defined view or subset of the page content. You select the users you want to send alerts to and the channels whether SMS, email or into chat channels in apps like like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Improved web app navigation

We continue to improve our web app for end users making it easier to interact with data and access all the functions needed across the services provided. For our Premium tier we’ve also update our client workspaces and introduced a new read-only Excel add-in.

Released 16th July 2021 (version 2021.7.3)


Web Service: 2021.7.1

Web Applications: 2021.7.3


Data validation

You can now include customised rules to ensure the data is correct. Data that does not meet these criteria is highlighted for further investigation.

Data mapping

Data can be mapped into new formats in real-time - for example date format manipulation. This helps aid workflow integration across multiple platforms.

Released 25th June 2021 (version 2021.6.4)


Web Service: 2021.6.4


Expanded Notification Service Wizards

New and improved wizards to help you set up and manage Pushed and Auto Notifications. Pushed notifications are driven by conditions set in Excel or your database; auto notifications provide real-time updates straight into your notification platform of choice (e.g. Teams, Slack)

View management in Symphony App

User configurable views of data (based on row and column filters and order selection) has been added to ipushpull Symphony app. These can be managed for individuals or across the organisation

Released 28th May 2021 (version 2021.5.7)


Web Service: 2021.5.2

Web Applications: 2021.5.7


New paste tables direct into Symphony to update ipushpull pages automatically

It is now even easier to update ipushpull pages in Symphony by copying the table direct into a chat with the ipushpull bot and the page will be automatically updated for you.

Views for non-structured data to use in our Web Application and chatbots

Create views of your non-structured data pages. Share these Views with your team and with the chat bots to easily view the data you need.

Additional query filters and sort parameters added

The greater than and equal ‘>=’ & less than and equal ‘<=’ filters are now available for filtering and sorting of Views.

Released 7th May 2021 (version 2021.5.4)


Web Service: 2021.5.1

Web Applications: 2021.5.4


New ‘Data-on-Demand’ wizard to streamline onboarding of bot users

New onboarding wizards for Data on Demand to help get you setup faster and get your clients on boarded quickly. Improved visibility of key usage data via the Services Overview.

Customisable views of your data to use in our Web Application and chatbots

Create customised views of your pages to quickly drill down to the key data. Share these views with your team and with the chat bots to easily find the data you need.

New usage summary for your organisation

A centralised view of your usage broken down into your data sources and client applications and bots. See where people are using your data and which client applications are most popular with your team.

Released 1st April 2021 (version 2021.3.4)


Web Service: 2021.4.1

Web Applications: 2021.3.4


New ‘Data-on-Demand’ wizard to streamline onboarding of bot users

We’ve updated our onboarding wizards to let you preselect ipushpull pages and client apps when you invite your team, meaning that they’ll get to their data faster when they log in.

Customisable views of your data to use in our Web Application and chatbots

Our Microsoft Teams integrations let you view your live and streaming data and pull data on demand into your favourite chat platform.

Improved version information and update process

We have improved the app updating notification process and provided easier access to version information

Released 11th March 2021 (version 2021.3.2)


Web Service: 2021.3.1

Web Applications: 2021.3.2


Streamlined onboarding for new and invited users

We’ve updated our onboarding wizards to let you preselect ipushpull pages and client apps when you invite your team, meaning that they’ll get to their data faster when they log in.

Released 1st March 2021 (version 2021.3.1)


Web Service: 2021.2.1

Web Applications: 2021.3.1


Improved bot and app capability for Microsoft Teams and Slack

A Teams app and bot is now available to use ipushpull within Microsoft Teams. We have also enhanced the Slack bot to be compliant with the latest Slack API and its secure authentication requirements

Enhanced onboarding wizards

Onboarding wizards and guides to help new and existing customers onboard more quickly and easily

Improved User Management interface

For our Premium tier, improvements have been made to the User Management interface to make onobarding and configuration of users a single step process