Getting started


To get started you just need to follow the 3 easy steps below:


1. Right Data - Connect your data to your ipushpull

First you need to connect and start pushing your data whether that's from your desktop Excel session or your in house database or platform. You can do the former this using one of our off-the-shelf add-ins.

Your data needs to be shared with ipushpull as data grids or tables. In the ipushpull world these are called pages and can be arranged in folders. Access control for sharing with end users is primarily on a page-by-page basis which you should consider when deciding on what data to push into your pages.

To connect and push your data to ipushpull from different sources check out these useful guides:

Sending data from Excel

Sending data from databases

If you need help setting up views please contact us while we update our documentation.

For further information about how data is organised click here

2. Right Time - Set up your ipushpull services

You can control how data is made available to clients, according to their needs and the nature of the data. These links help you get started

Embedding data into your website

Requesting live data into the web app

How to pull data-on-demand in Teams, Slack or Symphony

3. Right Place - Invite your end users and set up you client applications

To make data accessible to users and to control who can access it, these guides will help you get started:

Sharing pages and folders with users

Set up notifications

Control user access

For further information click here