What is the ipushpull DataLoader?


The ipushpull DataLoader connects databases to your ipushpull pages. It can select data from your databases and push it into ipushpull, and pull data from ipushpull and insert it into or update your databases. It can also extract data from CSV files and push it into ipushpull.


Extract data from your database and push it to your ipushpull pages

You can use the DataLoader to push live data from your db to your ipushpull pages and display them in any of our other integrations e.g. Microsoft Excel, Symphony, Slack, or live pages embedded in your WordPress website. It does this by periodically running user-defined queries against your database and pushing the results to the ipushpull pages you've specified. 


Upload data from your ipushpull pages into your database each time they change

You can also use the DataLoader to pull data from your ipushpull pages and upload it into your databases. For example, if you generate data in Excel you can use ipushpull to load it into your database whenever you choose. The Loader does this by subscribing to updates to the pages you've specified and pushing the results to a user-defined procedure each time an update is received.

Extract data from CSV files and push it to your ipushpull pages

In addition to databases, you can also use the DataLoader to push data from local csv files to your ipushpull pages and view them in other integrations. The DataLoader will watch the file folders you specify for particular files then load the content into ipushpull.

Supported Platforms 

The DataLoader runs on Microsoft Windows desktop and server and supports the following databases:

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