Configure DataLoader for Microsoft SQL Server


This section describes how to set up the ipushpull DB Loader to use a Microsoft SQL Server database.


1. Start the DBLoader and click Configure Data Sources

2. The Data Sources list is displayed. Click the Add new source button

3. Enter a free text name in the Name field to help you remember the data source and select Microsoft SQL Server from the Data source type dropdown

4. Depending on your local config, select either Standard Authentication or Windows Authentication from the Authentication type dropdown

5. Enter the server details in the Server field. Your DBA will be able to provide these for you

6. If you selected Standard Authentication, enter your database Username and Password in the appropriate fields. If you selected Windows Authentication you don't need to do this

7. When complete, your configuration will look something like this:

8. Press Test Connection to check that it's working. If all is well, you should see the following message:

9. Click File | Save to save your configuration

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