Send Live & Streaming Data from your Database

This article explains how you can set up Live and Streaming Data from your Database using the ipushpull DataLoader.

1. Sign up for ipushpull and install our DataLoader

First, make sure you or your account admin have signed up to ipushpull. Then follow the instructions in this article to install the DataLoader. 

2. Login and Connect your Database

Launch the ipushpull Data Loader and click the Login to ipushpull option from the menu. Enter your email and password and press Login.

Click the Configure Database Connection button to connect your database or file. Choose your database below:

4. Configure your database query and push the results to ipushpull

Now configure your SQL query and the ipushpull page to send the results to. For full details see Setting up a Push from your database to ipushpull.

Here’s an example configuration:

Fields used in above example:



Example Value



Example Value


(Optional) Name for this query



The ipushpull folder containing the page you want to push the data to



The ipushpull page you want to push the data to



Toggle controlling whether or not you want to apply styles and formats to the data


Format Folder

The ipushpull folder containing the format template page


Format Page

The ipushpull page where styles and formats will be copied from


Data Source

The name of the data source you want to run the query against


Data Query

The SQL query that you want to run against your database

SELECT * FROM demo_table


Toggle controlling whether or not to push the data headers/column names to your ipushpull page



How frequently the query should be run (seconds)


Push Button

Run the query once and push the data to your page


Start Button

Start periodically pushing the data to ipushpull, according to the interval you set


Web Button

Launch the ipushpull website and display the page


Push Status

Status message showing whether the push was successful or not


5. Push your data to your ipushpull page

To push the data manually once, click the Push button

or to start the query to run periodically at a specified interval, enter your interval (in seconds) in the Interval field and click Start.

A message indicating whether or not your push was successful will be displayed in the Push status field. 

6. Save your configuration

Finally select File | Save to save your configuration for future use.

Additional Style and Formatting Information

The Data Loader pushes data without any formatting unless you configure it to add styling & formats. You style your data by specifying a format page. The colours, styles, column widths etc. will be copied from the format page and applied to your data. See this page for full details.