Public pages for sharing or embedding

This article describes how to make ipushpull Pages Public using the ipushpull website. You need to make a Page Public if you want to embed it in a website or share it via a weblink so that people without ipushpull accounts can view it.

Only Folder Administrators can make this change.

1. Navigate to the page you'd like to make public and in the top right page toolbar click on Page.


2. In Page Details settings there is a Public Page tick box under Organization Permissions. Tick the box and then the Update button

Please note: when a Page is Public anyone can access it if they have the page link. Do not make a Page Public if it contains sensitive data

A Globe graphic will now appear next to the Page's name on the Page list to indicate that the Page is Public.


3. You can now share this page with your customer, colleagues or clients. To do so, in the page toolbar click  Share. This will bring up page sharing options


4. A popup will display the Direct link for you to share. You can Copy it to your clipboard



When sharing public ipushpull pages please make sure the URL is in the format:

This links directly to the public page and is configured for faster loading times. The wrong public page link will look like this:

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