Create Links Between ipushpull Pages

ipushpull lets you create links/hyperlinks between your pages. Click on A INC in the first column of the page embedded below - it takes you to another page. Click BACK on that page to come back to the first one.


To add a link between your ipushpull pages, insert an ipushLink(...) function into the spreadsheet cell you want to link from.

Here's the syntax:

=ipushLink(pageName, folderName, displayText)



Suppose you want to add a link to a page called london_sales in your folder called sales_folder. Insert this function into the cell you want to link from:

=ipushLink("london_sales", "sales_folder", "LondonSales")

It should look something like this:

When you push this range to ipushpull (using manual or automatic pushing or the ipush(...) function) the result will look like this:

Clicking on the underlined Details cell will now take you to the london_sales page.

You can add as many links to your page as you like.

Instead of explicitly defining the pageNamefolderName and displayText parameters in the function call you can use cell references:

=ipushLink(A1, B1, C1)

or Excel formulas:

=ipushLink("london_sales", "sales_folder", SUM(E2:E10))

Note that the ipushpull access control rules are applied to links. If a user has access to the summary page but not the detail page, when they click on the link they will see an 'Access Denied' error.

See the attached demo spreadsheet for more details.


The ipushpull Excel add-in lets you add a variety of other kinds of links to enrich your pages:

  • Web Page Links

    • add links to external websites

  • Email addresses

    • add links to your data that launch your email client when you click them

  • Telephone Numbers

    • add clickable telephone numbers to your page - great when you're using our mobile site

  • SMS

    • launch you mobile phone's messaging app direct from ipushpull