Excel: A Simple Live Push

Live Pushes let you push ranges of cells from your Excel spreadsheet to ipushpull. Every time the data in the range updates it will be sent to ipushpull. You can then view the data in our web and mobile apps, in another Excel session, or in any of our other integrations e.g. Teams, Slack and Symphony chat.

1. Highlight the range of cells you want to push to your ipushpull page.

2. On the ipushpull ribbon, click on the bottom half of the Push button.

3. Choose Live Push from the dropdown menu.

4. Choose the ipushpull page you want to update and click the Live Push button at the bottom of the dialog. Or create a new page in your folder by clicking the New Page button.

 5. A dialog box will appear asking you to select a cell for the live Push function, this must be outside of the data you selected in step 1, such as A1 or B19.


Tip: If you have a lot of ipushpull pages, you can filter the list using the filter box at the top of the dialog.

Tip: You can open a page directly in the ipushpull web app by double clicking on that page. Note: you may need to log in.

That's all there is to it. The page you selected will immediately be updated to show the range you selected and your customers or colleagues can immediately access it on the web, mobile or in their own Excel spreadsheets.


Any Questions?

I have updated my spreadsheet. How do I update it on ipushpull?

With Live Push the data will keep updating automatically, you can Pause and Re-Start updating through the Excel ipushpull ribbon whenever you choose to do so.