Conditional formatting, tables and full colours

The ipushpull Excel add-in does support Excel conditional formatting and table formats for both manual and live data pushes (Excel 2010 onwards).

Note that spreadsheet performance may be affected when you use live data pushes with conditional formatting. You may notice this if you have a very busy spreadsheet (e.g. with lots of live updating data) or if you are pushing very large ranges of data.

Conditional formatting for live pushes is turned off by default. You can turn it on globally or on a function-by-function basis. Make sure you have the latest version of the Excel add-in installed. You can download it here.


How to enable Excel conditional formatting, table formats and full colours globally

If you want to use conditional formatting and full colours for all your ipush(...) functions, you can turn support on globally.

1. Start Excel, select the ipushpull tab and click the About button:


2. Select Options and tick Full color pushes by default

All your ipush(...) functions will now push full colours by default.


How to toggle Excel conditional formatting, tables and full colours for individual ipush(...) commands

You can also enable or disable these on a case-by-case basis using the FullColour parameter in the ipush(...) function. If you set this parameter to TRUE then the function will always push Full Colors, overriding the global setting.

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